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Nadia Shira Cohen was born in Boston in 1977, with a great curiosity for the world and the unknown. Nadia’s creativity was first nurtured by her parents and in an alternative educative environment.  At the age of 15 Nadia was diagnosed with cancer. At the same time she took up photography and received her first camera. Documenting her physical transformation in self-portraits along with images of fellow sick friends helped to battle her way through the long two years of treatment. She continued to pursue her passion for photography at the University of Vermont, with a semester abroad at SACI in Florence, Italy. Her curious nature led her into photojournalism, working as a stringer in New York City for the Associated Press.  With a desire to understand the underworld of the photojournalism industry, Nadia began working for Sipa Press before moving onto the world renowned photo agency, VII, working with some of the worlds most talented and compassionate photojournalists. Feeling the need to return to her own work as a photographer she began to work freelance, mostly on self-initiated reportage. Since 2007 Nadia has been based in Rome, Italy where she continues with a creative spirit, to tell stories of the lives of people who interest her and which she compassionately feels the need to expose, working across many nations, cultures and themes.